A Lactogenic Lifestyle: What it is, how to begin –

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A Lactogenic Lifestyle holds the potential to change lives. This series will explore the relationship between our daily habits, food choices, and health, and provide concrete steps that can improve not only milk supply but also overall wellness for ourselves and our families..

A Personal Connection

In my own life, I’ve been deeply affected by PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) and low milk supply, challenges I faced decades ago when little was known about these issues. My personal journey opened my eyes to a world where an increasing number of women not only struggle with these breastfeeding concerns but grapple with a wide array of health concerns and chronic issues.

The Four Pillars of a Lactogenic Lifestyle: A Blueprint of Health for Everyone

These four principles extend beyond breastfeeding to offer a universal blueprint for health. They are interconnected goals that anyone can strive for, leading to profound improvements in well-being

1. Blood Sugar Balance/Insulin Sensitivity:

Key to metabolic health, affecting energy, mood, and weight.

2. Inflammation Reduction:

Essential for all bodily functions, including digestion and cognition.

3. Hydration:

Proper hydration is essential for every cellular function in our bodies, affecting everything from digestion to cognitive performance.

4. Resilience Against Stress:

Building mental resilience through nutrition and mindfulness.

By embracing the knowledge and practices that foster these fundamental aspects of health, we unlock a path towards not only improving lactation but enhancing the quality of life for ourselves and our families.

This Blog Series

In this blog series, we’ll do a deep dive into just how our lactation-metabolism has been disrupted, and how  natural support for lactation can at least partially reverse the problem. We’ll explore how the right “ingredients” can not only enhance lactation but fortify our immune function, hormonal balance, and mental-emotional stability.

I’m eager to share these insights with you, whether you’re a lactation professional assisting mothers with breastfeeding, or a mother dealing with these concerns yourself.

I also recommend my book Mother Food. Even though it was written nearly two decades ago, it continues to provide valuable information and support for new mothers. It is “lactogenic diet 101.”

Let’s get started!

I welcome your feedback and am keen to hear from you about your personal experiences with breastfeeding. Contact me through social media or use the email link here or at the bottom of this website.

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