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I suffer from low milk supply. I found a lot of information in this book that I haven’t found elsewhere. The quality of my milk improved from thin and watery to having a thick cream when it settles. I didn’t find the book information-dense, but well justified and even more convincing. I would highly recommend this book to any pregnant or nursing mother.

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Writing the book “Healing Breastfeeding Grief”

Writing the book “Healing Breastfeeding Grief”

For ten years, I listened each day to mothers as they vented their profound feelings of loss, grief and failure--feelings I also had with my first baby when I could not build a milk supply.  I wished with all my heart that I could do more than just commiserate. I...

Writing the book “Mother Food”

Writing the book “Mother Food”

A Slow Gestation The idea for this book was conceived and then took hold of me, a little more each time, with the births of my four children. With each child, I learned a little more about overcoming my low milk supply issues by using traditional herbs and foods — an...

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