The Lactogenic Diet: Good for Both Moms and Overall Health

by | Sep 28, 2023 | ESL Edition

Introduction: Not Just For Moms

In the last few years, the lactogenic diet has become known to mothers who want to make more breast milk and improve its quality. But this diet can do more. It can help everyone’s health in the long run, especially the way our body uses food for energy.

How Our Body Uses Food for Energy

Metabolism is not just about burning food for energy. It’s a group of chemical reactions that help our body use food for growth, repair, and other functions. Metabolism also controls our hormones, helps our immune system, and affects our mood and thinking. A good metabolism means everything in our body works well.

Health Problems from Bad Metabolism

When our metabolism doesn’t work well, we can have many health problems. This includes gaining too much weight, high blood pressure, liver problems, hormone imbalances, constant body pain, getting sick often, mental issues, and stomach problems like IBS. Over time, these can lead to serious problems like heart disease, kidney disease, diabetes, and immune issues.

Why the Lactogenic Diet is Important

The lactogenic diet has good nutrients like beta-glucans, healthy fats, and things that fight disease. It helps our metabolism work well. Foods like oats, barley, and yeast have beta-glucans. Nuts, seeds, and some vegetables also help make our metabolism better.

Benefits for Life

This is important for many reasons. First, it helps balance the hormones needed for making breast milk. This is often a problem for women with conditions like PCOS or insulin resistance. Second, while common food guides like the “food plate” are better than before, they still don’t fully help our metabolism. The lactogenic diet gives us a better option for long-term health.

Conclusion: A Diet for Everyone

The lactogenic diet is often seen as just for breastfeeding. But it can help everyone’s metabolism. It focuses on foods that are full of good nutrients and help balance hormones. This makes it a strong choice against common diets. As we face many health problems in society, the lactogenic diet could be a key way to make our health better.