MOTHER FOOD is the first book to explain the influence of the food we eat on milk production, and also how our food choices can improve many common health challenges that mothers and babies face in the weeks after childbirth.

HEALING BREASTFEEDING GRIEF is the first book to explain the unique suffering that overcomes some mothers when they struggle through breastfeeding challenges. Jacobson leads you through methods to understand, lift and resolve the burden of that suffering.

A MOTHER'S GARDEN OF GALACTAGOGUES is the first book to teach how to grow plants that support milk production, both inside the home and outdoors. She opens our eyes to the herbs, weeds, flowers and trees growing around us, and to the medicinal benefits they provide for nursing mothers. Jacobson shows how to be more in touch with the natural world--even if just sprouting beans on the kitchen counter. 

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Low Milk Supply and a Breastfeeding Diet

Low Milk Supply and a Breastfeeding Diet

Relics of postpartum practices might yet be gifted across generations. They are kept safely in the old wives’ tales that are shared between mothers. They are sometimes found written on a crinkled, yellow page, stashed away between the forgotten pages of vintage health books.

Table of Contents, Blog Posts,

Table of Contents, Blog Posts,

An overview of blog posts according to its topic, for your convenience.          Breastfeeding and Lactation Posts Some Causes of Low Milk Supply that Respond to Foods and Herbs...

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