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I am Hilary Jacobson.

I am an author of books for mothers and healthcare providers on the subject of nutrition for pregnancy and breastfeeding, and  on holistic  practices for emotional recovery after a difficult childbirth or breastfeeding experience. My book on gardening and growing “galactagogues,” A Mother’s Garden of Galactagogues, and my sweet novel about women’s spirituality and medical traditions, Red Madder Root, are my latest works.

My focus today is on cross-generational health, and what we can do to keep ourselves and the next generation well.

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Books for Breastfeeding, Emotional Resilience, and Family-Health Gardening,

recommended by MDs, IBCLCs, Lactation Consultants, Midwives and Doulas


Mother Food: A Breastfeeding Diet Guide with Lactogenic Food and Herbs

A Mother's Garden of Galactagogues

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My new book: Red Madder Root

Red Madder Root, Tales of Initiation (with black and white illustrations)

Blogpost: The writing of Red Madder Root

Red Madder Root, Tales of Initiation (with color illustrations)

Blogpost: Reflections on the writing of Red Madder Root

Reviews of my Books – see the amazon site for more

Review for Red Madder Root

A great read and an invaluable contribution to women’s literature. In an epoch-spanning vision of tales, Red Madder Root looks at the ways that women’s biological and spiritual experiences and knowledge have been suppressed but also “carried on.” The traditional “girls stories” that formed western women’s foundational beliefs and behavior are reframed to reveal purpose and positivity for these darkest of times..

Review for Mother Food

This is a great resource for any nursing mother… whether you have issues breastfeeding or not. I look at this book now even after finishing my nursing season. Wish I would have found this book earlier than I did. It would have been really helpful with my previous babies. Great not only for nursing mothers but for midwives, doulas and doctors as well!!

Review for Healing Breastfeeding Grief

This book is very well written with lots of factual and researched information. It speaks from the heart with lots of insights into real moms lives with breastfeeding grief. The healing can begin as soon as you turn the first page.

Review for Red Madder Root

Red Madder Root is a beautiful read. The themes are relevant to what’s happening in the world today and are applicable to my life, with many beautiful perspectives. The book actually helped me with my parenting of one of my teenagers, which was a bonus or a gift that I didn’t expect.

Review for Mother Food

I made several diet changes and began supplementing with oils as suggested in the book… I now I have enough milk for my son! We haven’t used supplement for the past 5 weeks and he is gaining weight quite well. I am so thankful I found this book.., I even shared it with the LCs at my local breastfeeding group as well as many other moms.

Review for Garden of Galactagogues

I’m a first time breastfeeding mom to my 11 month old and recently discovered how you can nourish your breast milk (and yourself) with the consumption of herbs. After reading this book, I felt inspired to start my galactagogue garden. I purchased fresh herb cuttings from a local grower. The majoram is rooting after a little less than a week. Im looking forward to this new journey. Thank you Hilary for sharing your knowledge and wisdom!

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