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Hilary Jacobson

Pioneering Mothers' Health

MOTHER FOOD is the first book to explain the influence of the food we eat on milk production, and also how our food choices can improve many common health challenges that mothers and babies face in the weeks after childbirth.

HEALING BREASTFEEDING GRIEF is the first book to explain the unique suffering that overcomes some mothers when they struggle through breastfeeding challenges. Jacobson leads you through methods to understand, lift and resolve the burden of that suffering.

A MOTHER'S GARDEN OF GALACTAGOGUES is the first book to teach how to grow plants that support milk production, both inside the home and outdoors. She opens our eyes to the herbs, weeds, flowers and trees growing around us, and to the medicinal benefits they provide for nursing mothers. Jacobson shows how to be more in touch with the natural world--even if just sprouting beans on the kitchen counter. 

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About Hilary Jacobson

About Hilary Jacobson

In December, 2020, Mariana Gambande, a student at the Douglas College Breastfeeding course for Health Practitioners, asked me for an interview and sent me the following questions. I appreciate the breadth of the questions, and am publishing the interview here as an...

An Italian Doctor Reveals the Facts on the Ground

An Italian Doctor Reveals the Facts on the Ground

This rapid transformation produced in the corridors of the hospital an atmosphere of surreal silence and emptiness that, at the time, we did not understand. We were waiting for a war to begin, a war that many (including me) were not so sure would ever arrive with the predicted ferocity. And all this was done in complete media silence. Several newspapers actually had the gall to say that private health care was doing nothing to get ready.

I still remember the night shift a week ago. As I waited for a call from the microbiology lab, for the outcome of a swab on the first suspected Covid-19 patient in our hospital, I trembled about the consequences it would have for us and the clinic. When I think about it now, now that I have seen all that is happening, my acute anxiety about one possible case seems ridiculous and unjustified.

The situation is now nothing short of dramatic. No other words come to mind.

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